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Body Assembly

While StockCap products are used extensively on finished products, caps and plugs also play an important role in the manufacturing process of automobiles. For instance, the products listed below can be used in processing and assembly as well as throughout truck engine plants.

side pull plugs   t plugs   threaded plugs   vinyl plus plug
  rubber seal plugs
Side Pull Plugs   T-Plugs   Threaded Plugs    Vinyl Plus Plugs   Rubber Seal Plugs    
silicone tapered plugs
  epdm pull plugs   threadedl Caps   Short Caps
  Silicone Caps
Silicone Tapered
  EPDM Pull Plugs
  Threaded Caps   Short Caps
  Silicone Caps
electrical connector caps   end caps   epdm caps
  long caps
  rectangular caps
Electrical Connector
  End Caps   EPDM Caps
  Long Caps
  Rectangular Caps
square caps
  anti roll caps
  ez tab caps
  grab tab caps
  hanger caps
Square Caps
  Anti-Roll Caps
  EZ Tab Caps
  Grab Tab Caps
  Hanger Caps
 net guard 1   net guard 2                
Net Guard I   Net Guard II                
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