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Thermoformed Paint Mask

Thermoformed Paint Mask, thermoformed paint masks, thermoformed paint mask manufacturer, custom thermoformed paint mask, odd-shaped thermoformed paint maskThermoforming is an inexpensive way to mask a product before painting and other low-temperature masking applications. It is especially effective on large and odd shaped parts.

Irregularly shaped parts that require protection from finishing operations are often a difficult challenge. Equally challenging are the products available for the protection.

However, this example demonstrates how a single thermoformed paint mask was able to protect across four corners and all the intricate area between. This single unit replaces four or more individual units. Time is saved in applying and removing the masking unit. 

In addition, this single thermoformed paint mask, sometimes available for more than a one time use, can save money. Consider the cost of four or more separate units to mask the item being protected.

Thermoforming is a definite choice for air dry paint applications and can tolerate low temperature processes. When you share your application and requirements, our engineering team will design a part using some of the latest technology in CAD and 3D printing. Prototypes can be provided for testing and to confirm the final design.

Do you have an irregularly shaped part to protect? Visit our Sinclair & Rush website to learn more or contact us for more information.



  • In-house design team
  • Design flexibility
  • Protects intricate features of larger parts
  • Nesting feature lowers shipping and storage costs


Read about the benefits of thermoforming.

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