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Case Study: Protective Vinyl Cap Designed with Auto-Lock Feature Proves Crucial to Success of New Line

A leading manufacturer of cable protection products and conduit systems for the electrical, telecommunications and construction industries ships its specialty conduit products to construction sites where they often sit for months before being put to use. It is important that these pipe systems remain completely dust free prior to installation in order to ensure a proper seal.  Protective, dip-molded caps have always been placed over the ends of the products to prevent any problems.

However, a common problem with many protective caps is their tendency to fall off on the way to the construction site.  When a pipe arrives at a site without a cap, contractors are often forced to send them back for cleaning. Numerous end cap suppliers consistently reported that there was no good way to alleviate the problem.

When the StockCap engineering team considered the situation, they quickly recognized an ordinary cap would not solve the problem.  StockCap then provided something that no other supplier had – a custom molded product with an auto-lock feature on the inside diameter of the cap.  The notch on the cap catches on a groove on the outside edge of the pipe and holds it in place – problem solved.

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