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Case Study: Small Vinyl Cap Saves Time and Money

Varying Color Choices of Caps Yield Extra Benefits

A manufacturer of solder wire was experiencing a terrible amount of loss due to damage during shipping. Often when the beginning of the spool of wire is destroyed, the entire spool is of no value. The manufacturer began searching for a solution to the packaging dilemma and continually ended up disappointed. However, when StockCap was called upon to meet the challenge, a solution was found. According to the manufacturer, StockCap was “digging in and keeping at it” to come up “with a solution that is really going to help our company out…Many thanks…and because of these efforts I am going to send more specifications to see if we can connect on a couple of other products.”

The StockCap part that solved the problem and saved thousands of dollars, is a small Short Cap (S-Cap) that is a standard line in the long list of StockCap caps and plugs. Made of vinyl material, the formulation creates a very flexible part, which allows it to stretch yet still grab hold to stay on, unlike hard plastic which would slide off.

In addition to protecting the wire during shipping, caps were also delivered in specified colors as requested by the solder wire manufacturer, further assisting their internal operations by coding their spools. A red cap indicated inspection was required prior to shipping. A green cap indicated the product was ready to ship. These tiny seemingly insignificant parts enhanced the operations process and saved thousands of hours and dollars, transforming a nightmare into a dream.

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