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Case Study: Flexible Vinyl Cap Protects Odd Shape and Prevents Damage

Vinyl Stretches and Snaps to Form

Tight Fit Secures and Provides Relief

If you have ever ordered eyeglasses you probably have not given much thought to how they are made, but you can imagine it would be a delicate process using expensive equipment. One manufacturer of the very technical lens processing equipment was seeing red because many of the units were being returned due to damages suffered while being handled. For equipment that costs thousands of dollars, returns are not at all favorable and the situation was escalating to extreme levels.

Apparently, in the handling of the unit, fingers were entering an area where the AC power switch contacts are located causing harm to this section. The manufacturer began searching for a solution to protect the power switch. Aware of the many product protection options available from StockCap, the manufacturer reached out to discuss the problem. While the power switch container was not exactly rectangular, it was the primary shape in the discussion. Realizing the protection needed to be flexible to fit the shape, StockCap suggested a standard flexible vinyl dip molded cap, which would stretch to fit over the power switch and remain secured, unlike hard plastic which would slide off.

This small cap, under 2 inches wide and less than 1.5 inches high, stretched to fit perfectly over the power switch containment area ensuring no fingers could enter and cause damage. The small, inexpensive vinyl cap solution cured the damaged goods issue, preventing returns, and allowed the lens processing equipment manufacture significant financial relief. One might say the product protection solution from StockCap led to a 20/20 vision of the bottom line.

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