Flexible Vinyl CapsBenefits of Flexible Vinyl Caps

StockCap's line of flexible vinyl caps and covers are primarily manufactured using the vinyl dip molding manufacturing process.  Here are some of the most common reasons people choose to use vinyl when specifying their caps and plugs.

Easy to Install Vinyl Caps

Flexible & Easy to Install

When used as for a cap or plug, it provides a much better seal and will not crack or shred like hard plastic closures.

This flexibility also makes them easy to install while the airtight seal that they provide keeps them in place once they are on.

Can be Made in Any Length

The unique molding process for vinyl caps allows engineers to specify vinyl caps in almost any length without incurring tooling charges.

Varying Lengths Vinyl Caps

Colorful Vinyl Caps

Colorful and Versatile

Vinyl can be made in more vibrant colors.

Vinyl formulations can be made to achieve a wide variety of textures and chemical properties.

Temperature & Chemical Resistant

Vinyl withstands high temperatures and can often be used as an alternative to more expensive rubber caps in paint masking applications.

Vinyl has a greater chemical resistance than most other plastics making it the perfect cap material for plating applications.

Chemical Resistant Vinyl Caps

Insulative Vinyl Caps

Insulative & Non-Shredding

Vinyl is a naturally insulative material making vinyl caps and plugs the ideal choice for closures that are going to be used in electrical applications.

For threaded applications, vinyl caps and plugs will not shred and leave residue in the very part that they are trying to protect from contamination.

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