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Case Study: Colorful and Printed Dip Molded Vinyl Caps for Branding

Colorful Dip Molded Vinyl Caps Serve a Functional Purpose While Adding Value to a Brand

Minor Secondary Operations Provides Major Branding

Throughout the world there are hundreds of thousands of uses for dip molded vinyl caps. Often these flexible vinyl caps are used for protecting other products during production operations, on assembly lines, in storage or while in transport. Caps can be used to mask threads or cover open ports on parts being treated with coating finishes. While there are many protective uses it is a known fact that vinyl dip molded caps can also promote your brand.

vinyl caps, vinyl end caps, vinyl end caps manufacturer, vinyl end caps company, vinyl end caps providerTake for instance, drumsticks. Not the Colonel Sanders type of drumstick, but from the musical genre. It is incredible to learn there are many different styles; the traditional drumsticks, jazz drumsticks, drumsticks for heavy rock, marching sticks for marching bands and mallets, so many different mallets! There are also alternatives to the typical wooden stick, such as rods and brushes used to create varying sounds. Primarily manufactured from wood, drumsticks are described or labeled according to the weight and diameter of the stick along with a vinyl caps, vinyl end caps, vinyl end caps manufacturer, vinyl end caps company, vinyl end caps providerdescription of the tip. Oh, and did you know the drumstick has four parts? The tip, the shoulder, the shaft and the butt. Honestly, had you ever realized there is so much to a drumstick?

As a manufacturer or an end consumer, just how do you distinguish the identity of each and every different model? Well, StockCap is able to supply a simple remedy. For years a drumstick manufacturer has been purchasing vinyl dip molded caps to place on the butt of the drumstick. Not only does the cap serve the purpose of protecting the butt end, the cap is printed with the manufacturer’s name further enforcing the brand.vinyl caps, vinyl end caps, vinyl end caps manufacturer, vinyl end caps company, vinyl end caps provider

But, as in this case of a well-known drumstick manufacturer producing drumsticks since 1957, there are various models so applying different color vinyl caps, with printed logo included, allows the manufacturer to differentiate their product lines while branding at the same time.

Why should you use printing on the cap verses other advertising options? The decision is easy as the printing cost is a minimal expense in comparison to even digital advertising. In addition, printing a logo directly on a wood drumstick can be expensive. The alternative to print directly on the vinyl cap cuts the expense significantly. This cap, color and print combination has worked for over 10 years for this drumstick manufacturer, making it appropriate to say this beat goes on, and on, and on, and on.  

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