CapabilitiesDip Molding

As one of the largest and most experienced vinyl dip molders (VDM) in the world, StockCap's worldwide VDM operations service its customers with all types of vinyl caps, plugs, covers and closures.

Dip molding has unique characteristics that enable StockCap to produce a wide variety of unique solutions with the following attributes.

  • Low tooling costs...typically a fraction of injection molding
  • Quick and inexpensive prototypes
  • Short lead-times on custom tooling...weeks versus months
  • No internal stress molded into parts
Vinyl Easy to Install
Flexible & Easy to Install
Vinyl Cap Length
Can be Made in Any Length
Colorful Vinyl Caps
Colorful and Versatile
Vinyl Temperature Resistant
Temperature & Chemical Resistant
Vinyl Cap Non-Shredding
Insulative & Non-Shredding

Benefits of Flexible Vinyl Caps

The breadth of our business and our extensive material compounding capabilities allow us to offer the largest selection of materials in the industry at extremely competitive prices. By mixing our own plastisol we avoid the mark-up that most molders pay to compounders and we are able to recycle most of our plastisol - reducing our environmental footprint and eliminating expensive disposal costs.

Over the years, we have developed over 500 formulas for the varying needs of our customers. 

Our in-house engineering specialists around the world utilize their expertise in closure design to explore all possibilities in determining the best design and material for your packaging application. Our goal is to design your part in the most cost effective manner and to design it to deliver the highest level of performance required.


Not only do we have over 70 years of design experience, but we utilize some of the most sophisticated design and manufacturing software. We pioneered the use of AutoCAD and Pro-Engineer software in our industry and are able to collaborate with all our locations - using PTC Creo and Siemens NX programs - to seamlessly integrate the tooling fabrication process.


One of the primary benefits of dip molding is related to its inexpensive and accurate prototyping process. With a dedicated sample lab producing parts daily, we are able to provide prototypes for engineering and marketing tests at an insignificant cost.

The dip molding process is unique in its ability to manufacture caps and closures in extremely high volumes utilizing innovative machine designs that allow us to make many different sizes, shapes and styles of caps on closures.

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