Plugs & InsertsElectrical Connector Plugs

These low density polyethylene plugs are designed to protect female-threaded electrical connectors from moisture, dirt and dust. Flanged style offers easy removal for a variety of applications.

Standard material is low density polyethylene.

  • Flanged for easy removal.
  • Low cost 

Standard is Yellow. Other colors available upon request.

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Electrical connector Plugs Diagram

Electrical Connector Plugs
Part Name Outside Diameter "D"
Inside Length "B"
Flange Diameter "A"
Inside Diameter "C"
PE-5 0.483 0.625 0.670 0.413
PE-10 0.595 0.625 0.750 0.530
PE-15 0.715 0.625 0.860 0.655
PE-20 0.845 0.625 1.031 0.785
PE-25 0.963 0.625 1.125 0.893
PE-30 1.088 0.625 1.250 1.028
PE-35 1.215 0.625 1.406 1.150
PE-40 1.340 0.625 1.500 1.270
PE-45 1.460 0.625 1.640 1.390
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