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Designed for custom coating and finishing operations, these flexible silicone plugs feature a tapered shape that permits one plug to fit several port sizes along with a sturdy tab that provides for easy removal.  Plus, the plugs are color-coded by diameter so they can be stored and re-used as needed. 

Key Features

Threaded Ports

Can be used on threaded ports, and its sturdy tab provides easy removal.

High Temperature

Withstand temperatures up to 600º F.

Cost Effective

Ability to re-use yields a cost-effective solution.

Powder Coating

Specifically designed for powder coating and E-coating applications.

These flexible silicone plugs feature a tapered shape that permits one plug to fit several port sizes.

Plugs are color-coded to indicate their diameter and come in Black, Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Gray. 

Manufactured in clear silicone rubber. View our material chart for specifications or compare with other high temperature resistant materials.

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Flangeless Plugs Diagram
Flangeless Plugs
Part Name Major Diameter "A" (in) Minor Diameter "B" (in) Plug Length "C" (in)
FLP-60 0.236 0.157 1.000
FLP-80 0.315 0.236 1.000
FLP-100 0.394 0.315 1.000
FLP-120 0.472 0.394 1.000
FLP-140 0.551 0.472 1.000
FLP-160 0.630 0.551 1.000
FLP-180 0.709 0.630 1.000
FLP-200 0.787 0.709 1.000
FLP-225 0.886 0.787 1.000
FLP-240 0.945 0.886 1.000
FLP-260 1.024 0.945 1.000
FLP-286 1.125 1.000 1.000
FLP-280 1.102 1.024 1.000
FLP-318 1.250 1.125 1.000
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