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Due to the flexibility of the dip molding operation and Sinclair & Rush's unmatched capacity, StockCap can offer all types of protective grips, tubes and sleeves utilizing both its dip molding and extrusion operations.


While it is not uncommon for many of our caps to serve as grips, our sister company, GripWorks, specializes in the design, development and production of all types of hand grips.  Whether you needs a simple vinyl grip to cover a small handle or need an ergonomically designed solution for an innovative hand tool, our GripWorks division can satisfy virtually any need for grips.

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Extruded Vinyl Tubes

Extruded, soft plastic, vinyl tubing offers a cost effective option for those looking to add some protection or covering to a bar or handle.

Vinyl tubing is available in both glossy and flat finishes in many different colors. It can be extruded and cut in-line to the length specified - making it ideal for high volume applications that demand low cost solutions.

While extruded tubing is very cost effective, its cushioning properties and surface textures are relatively limited.  For this reason, many people will opt to use vinyl dip molded long caps or grips - sliced to create an open-ended sleeve.

Dip Molded Vinyl Sleeves

As noted above, another primary option for those looking for a protective sleeve or tube is to dip mold a vinyl tube and then slice or punch the closed end to make the sleeve open on both ends.

The primary advantage that these dip molded vinyl sleeves have over extruded vinyl tubes is that they can be made in a wide variety of more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing grip materials.  Plus, they are often more cost effective for lower volume applications

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