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Rubber and Plastic Hole Plugs

    Vinyl Plus Plugs:
These plastic hole plugs are made from a
very flexible vinyl material. With their unique 360° pull tab design, they are easy to install and stay put during manufacturing and shipping.
 T-plugs   T-Plugs:
These hard plastic hole plugs come in a wide variety of sizes and offer a cost effective solution for many applications.
 Side Pull Plug   Side Pull Plugs:
T-plugs with pull tabs.
 Electrical Connector Plugs   Electrical Connector Plugs:
Another plastic plug designed specifically for electrical connectors.
 Threaded Plugs   Threaded Plugs:
Hard plastic screw hole plugs designed for use on flared fittings.
    Silicone Rubber Plugs:
Typically reserved for high temperature paint masking applications.
 EPDM Rubber Plugs   EPDM Rubber Plugs:
Inexpensive rubber hole plugs that can be used for a large variety of applications.
    Silicone Pull Plugs:
Designed to provide tight seals on both ends of threaded and non-threaded through holes.
 EPDM Pull Plugs   EPDM Pull Plugs:
Rubber plugs for sealing both ends of a through hole.

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