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StockCap products are primarily classified by either a cap, a plug or a variation of product protection parts that may be neither a cap or a plug. The group Styles, above or from the left side menu, will show you images of all the varieties with just a few clicks.


Depiction of a Cap Depiction of a Plug


Key Points When Determining Size for Caps and Plugs:

  • For Caps: Know the Outside Diameter of the object being capped and the Length needed to be covered.
  • For Plugs: Know the Inside Diameter of the object being plugged and the Depth of space available to fit the plug.

If you have explored our styles, the sheer number of different products can be overwhelming. In an effort to relieve the visitor from the massive options, we directed attention to a few markets that may represent some of the most common users of caps and plugs in the industry. Here we show StockCap products pertaining to those markets.

Some of our visitors know the type of material they need. What quickly comes to mind is the rubber seal plugs for copper tubing. (Learn more about Rubber Seal Plugs.) StockCap Products are produced from vinyl, rubber or plastic, as shown in our Materials section. Here you will also find a couple of references that will help to determine what material works for particular circumstances and how to make a material selection. If still uncertain what is best for you application, our experienced engineers are available to answer your questions. Call or submit an email using our contact us form or request a sample and/or quote.

Finally, you may not find exactly what you need even in the enormous options. You may have such a distinctly designed need that a custom part is your best option. StockCap has designed and manufactured thousands of parts from the simplest to the most complex. Call today for a free consultation. You can't lose when you learn. Reach out to us and learn what StockCap can do for you.


Common Questions, Quick Answers


What are the minimum order quantities?   Samples
Most stock items have a one case minimum order requirement. Stock items are made specific to tooling, and historically, all tooling is built independently. This is the primary reason products have different box or case quantities. Additionally, our fully optimized operations, such as preset conditions, help to control our costs.   Samples are processed daily. If the request is for an item available from our stockroom, it can be sent out, typically, by the next working day. If the size needed is not readily available it will either be produced in our sample lab, as the schedule allows, or requested from our other facilities. Delivery of samples using either of these latter options is dependent on scheduling and cannot be predetermined.

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