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Finishing Operations

StockCap offers a full array of secondary operations to satisfy all of your finishing requirements.

plastic caps, plastic plugs, vinyl caps, vinyl plugs, plastic caps manufacturer, vinyl caps and plugs manufacturerImprinting

Our in-house finishing department utilizes silkscreen, pad printing, heat stamp, and decal machines to apply single or multi-color prints. Print your company name, address, trademark, warnings, or instructions.

High gloss plastisol inks fuse into vinyl and won't flake or fade.


Whether you need a hole punched in the closed end of a cap, an air slit to allow air to escape, or a half moon cut out of the open end of the part, StockCap will utilize its high speed punching machines to create a cost effective alternative to custom molding.

Punching dies made in our tooling fabrication department create clean punches with no shredding.

plastic caps, plastic plugs, vinyl caps, vinyl plugs, plastic caps manufacturer, vinyl caps and plugs manufacturerSlicing

Most vinyl products can be converted from caps to sleeves with a simple slicing operation performed in our finishing department.


Need parts that are free of mold lubricants? Utilize our industrial washing process to ensure parts are void of any external substance.


Whether you need a certain number of products packed in a container, or you want us to completely package your entire product, we can work with you on special packaging requests. Please consult your sales engineer for more information.

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