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Thermoformed Shipping Trays

Shipping Dunnage Trays

Benefits of Thermoformed Shipping Trays:

  • Superior product protection
  • Weight management
  • Reusability (especially when transported between facilities that are relatively close in geography)
  • Simplicity of packing
  • Exact counts of parts per pack
  • Thermoformed part density

Any product that meets all or most of these characteristics is a candidate for thermoformed shipping trays:

  • Sensitive or delicate parts
  • Higher dollar values
  • Small to medium size and weight
  • Strict assembly conditions
  • Customers that require precise counts of parts per package
  • Parts that have higher levels of cleanliness specifications

The shipping of hi-speed fuel rails and fuel tube assemblies are examples of products successfully using our thermoformed shipping trays. Additionally, markets that would benefit from our shipping or dunnage trays include electronics, bearings, high-end filtration products and spark plugs, to name a few.

Shipping Tray for Automotive Fuel Injector System Shipping Tray Protects Sensitive Parts  
Automotive Fuel Injector System Exact Count Dunnage Tray  Shipping Tray with Hinged Closure

If you are not using a thermoformed shipping or dunnage tray and struggle with any of the above topics, please contact us for free consultation. Our 60+ years of experience, along with our team of engineering experts, will set you on the right course. Call us today.

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