Thermoformed ProductsThermoformed Covers & Inserts

StockCap can utilize its extensive thermoforming capabilities to create a wide variety of product protection solutions.

Thin plastic thermoformed covers and inserts provide a very low cost option for protecting sensitive equipment during the shipping process.  

Protective Trays for Printer
Global Electronics Company

One of the leading manufacturers of printers in relied on various divisions of S&R to supply its global supply chain with custom thermoformed inserts.  

Protective Tray for Engine
Engine Protection

The StockCap engineering team worked with one of the leading automotive companies in the world to ensure that its engines were properly protected during shipment. 

Thermoformed Caps on Food Packaging

Originally designed by our sister company, VisiPak for its line of plastic packaging tubes, clear plastic thermoformed caps are ideal for any applications that require a completely transparent package. These lightweight caps are designed to slide on easily yet hold tight to VisiPak tubes and containers, but can be used for all kinds of applications requiring a lightweight, low cost, cap.

18 Standard Sizes

VisiPak's standard line of clear plastic caps range in diameter from 1/4" to 5" and feature a 0.012" wall thickness. These 18 sizes are in stock for immediate shipment.

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Thermoformed Paint Mask

Thermoformed Paint Masks

Thermoformed paint masks can offer an inexpensive way to mask a product before air-dry painting and other low-temperature coating applications...especially for larger and odd shaped parts being painted or coated in high volumes.

Many times, a single thermoformed paint mask can be designed to protect many different area...eliminating the need to individually cap, plug or tape specific items. This saves time in applying and removing the masking units as well as the costs to purchase and inventory multiple masking products.

Interested? Our engineering team can design and prototype parts using the latest technology in CAD and 3D printing to help solve your next high-volume paint masking challenge.

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