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Pipe Thread Protectors

Pipe thread protectors are one of the most common applications for StockCap's line of protective caps and plugs. As such, there are many different options depending on the application and functionality required.

Round Vinyl Caps

Vinyl caps are excellent for use as pipe thread protectors. The flexible vinyl material stretches over the threads to provide a tight seal that not only protects the threads, but also keeps contaminants out of the pipe or tubing. The pliable vinyl cushions the threads against damage and will not crack or shred like many hard plastic caps. Vinyl caps are available in both short and long versions.

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Short Caps   Long Caps

Vinyl Tab Caps

These caps offer the same advantages of the round vinyl caps with the added benefit of having EZ removal tabs.

EZ Tab Caps, ez tab cap, ez tab caps manufacturer, manufacturer of ez tab caps   Grab Tab Caps, grab tab cap, grab tab caps manufacturer, manufacturer of grab tab caps   Square End Caps, square end cap, square end caps manufacturer, manufacturer of square end caps
EZ Tab Caps   Grab Tab Caps   Square End Caps

Threaded Caps

For applications requiring thread protection and a positive low pressure seal, StockCap offers threaded caps in the standard thread sizes from 3/8-24 to 1-1/16 - 12.

Threaded Caps, threaded vinyl cap, threaded cap, threaded vinyl caps manufacturer, manufacturer of threaded vinyl caps
Threaded Caps

Polyethylene Caps

These low cost caps are perfect for high volume applications and are available in a large number of sizes.

End Caps, end cap, vinyl end cap, vinyl end cap manufacturer, manufacturer of vinyl end caps   Tear Caps, vinyl tear cap, tear cap, tear cap manufacturer, manufacturer of vinyl tear caps
End Caps   Tear Caps


For internal pipe thread protectors, StockCap offers flexible vinyl plus plugs, tapered T-plugs, and polyethylene threaded plugs.

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Vinyl Plus Plugs   Tapered T-Plugs   Polyethylene Threaded Plugs

To request a sample or pricing on any of our protective pipe caps or plugs, please visit the product page or click on the link below.

Short Caps, short vinyl caps, vinyl end caps, short vinyl caps manufacturer, manufacturer of short vinyl caps

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