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Designed specifically for use on flared JIC fittings, StockCap's threaded plastic plugs are ideal for low pressure sealing applications.   

Standard material is low density polyethylene. 

  • Designed for use on flared JIC fittings.
  • Parts are knurled to aid during insertion and removal.
  • Positive seal for low pressure requirements.

Stocked in Red. Other colors available upon request.

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Threaded Plugs Diagram

Threaded Plugs
Part Name Thread Size Flange Diameter A (in) Plug Length C (in)
PT-5 5/16-24 0.440 0.440
PT-10 3/8-24 0.500 0.460
PT-15 7/16-20 0.620 0.530
PT-20 1/2-20 0.680 0.530
PT-25 9/16-18 0.810 0.500
PT-30 5/8-18 0.810 0.593
PT-35 3/4-16 0.940 0.750
PT-40 7/8-14 1.060 0.870
PT-45 1-1/16-12 1.250 0.890
PT-50 1-1/16-14 1.310 1.120
PT-55 1-5/16-12 1.500 0.930

While these threaded plugs provide a positive seal, they are very labor intensive to install and remove.  For greater flexibility, consider our line of vinyl Plus Plugs as alternatives.

  • Easier to install and feature a lip for quick removal.
  • Flexible vinyl material typically provides a secure fit.
  • Adapts as it is placed into a hole.  As pressure from the insertion process is released, the flexible vinyl material expands inside securing a tight fit.
  • Do not crack, split, or shred in the way that many polyethylene plugs will over time.

Vinyl Plus Plugs

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