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Painting with Bake up to 350

Below lists products that StockCap has found to be most effective for paint masking jobs that involve baking up to 350°. Although all of the products suggested may work for your job, call a StockCap representative for an evaluation that will help determine the best product for your application.

epdm pull plugs   silicone pull plugs   epdm tapered plugs stoppers   silicone flange plugs   silicone tapered plugs   kapton discs
EPDM Pull Plugs   Silicone Pull Plugs   EPDM Tapered Plugs/Stoppers   Silicone Flange Plugs
  Silicone Tapered
  Kapton Discs
crepe discs   polyester discs   green polyester tape   kapton tape   silicone tape   silicone caps
Crepe Discs
  Polyester Discs
  Green Polyester Tape
  Kapton Tape
  Silicone Tape
  Silicone Caps
epdm caps
  end caps   tear caps   threaded caps   electrical connector caps   rubber seal plugs
EPDM Caps   End Caps   Tear Caps   Threaded Caps   Electrical Connector Caps   Rubber Seal Plugs
side pull plugs   electrical connector plugs   t plugs   threaded plugs   round tubing inserts   square tubing inserts
Side Pull Plugs   Electrical Connector Plugs   T-Plugs   Threaded Plugs   Round Tubing Inserts   Square Tubing Inserts
rectangular tubing inserts                    
Rectangular Tubing Inserts


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